Heavenly hotdogs, sides 
and other stuff...
Talk to Frank BIG SMOKEY

Free-range Pork, beef or organic smoked tofu frank. Top it your way.

Double-smoked giant pork dog, based on a Polish Kielbasa. Super smokey.

Dooya Punk? Carmen Miranda

Your choice of dog toped with onions cooked in spicy Nduja sausage.

Frank topped with mango, chilli, pineapple & lime relish.

Chilli-cheese dog Kimchi

Our biggest seller. Frank, topped with six-hour beef and bone marrow chilli, beer cheese sauce, sour cream, coriander and tortilla chips.

Beef frank with homemade kimchi, mustard, crispy fried shrimp, onions and toasted seeds.


12-hour smoked pulled pork with slaw, pickles and homemade bbq sauce, in a brioche bun.

Chargrilled squash, chickpea, fennel, feta, pomegranate and toasted seeds


Panko-breaded fish finger sandwich, toasted. Home made tartare sauce.

SIDES #1 Chipotle nachos

Tater tots, Tater tots or skin-on fries, 
chilli - cheese  fries


Macho nachos with beef n marrow chilli


We do Handmade ice lollies from the ice kitchen and rotating sweet treats.

Pulled pork bun Butternut Salad steamed buns, mad relishes, tater tots & other stuff

All our hotdogs are made with free-range meat from farmers we know and trust. We use organic vegetables and salad items for our sides and toppings. All our suppliers use the highest welfare and hygene practises to make sure our hotdogs are the best they can be.

Our brioche buns are steamed to pillow softness. We make our own chilli, kimchi, relishes and some sauces. We buy great sauces and Krauts from our mates. Our ketchup is always Heinz, our mustard frenchs. Have a look at our supplier links here:

It's what we do

Having worked at events and festivals for years, we’ve always loved hotdogs and were so disappointed to see even at HUGE festivals the only "hotdogs” on offer were brown frozen things called a “jumbo sausage” or traditional English sausages. So we set out to create the best hotdog, using free-range rare breed meat, and organic veggie ingredients to feed festival-goers. The original idea was to serve a protein-packed meal that would fill up a festival-goer (who probably only eats once a day) and leave them satisfied not hungry again 20 minutes later. That’s when we created the Giant bock and Dogtown London was born.

We’ve evolved since then, we now serve great diner food indoors at The Social In Fitzrovia (our HQ) but still keep ourselves out there at Street feast in London, Trinity Kitchen in Leeds, Aldgate Eats in the square mile as well as private events, festivals, book launches and wherever we’re needed.



We’ve been looking for an indoor home for some time now so we were really excited when they guys from Heavenly Records and The Breakfast group got in touch to ask us if we wanted to take up residency in their kitchen at The Social in Fitzrovia. For those of you not in the know, 2014 marks the 15th year of operation for The Social. They have a loyal following who come time and again for great music nights in the basement like Yacht Rock, Heavenly Social and the phenomenal Hip-Hop Karaoke. There’s also a thriving day-time trade upstairs where the crew from Sussed IT will fix your tech while you drink excellent coffee from Tim Burgess’ “Tim Peaks”.

We’re serving food morning, noon and night, six days a week. Breakfast is Granola, fresh fruit, yoghurt & pastries. Lunchtimes are for salads, lighter bites and the odd hotdog for those who can’t resist. At night-times we stick to what we’re famous for.


October 2014 - January 2015

We’ve got our trailer in the city of London - Monday to Friday serving breakfast and lunch to city workers and foodies. We’re doing blackstrap bacon rolls,  gluten-free porridge and GREAT tea  for breakfast. Lunchtimes are hotdogs, tater tots, salads and specials like buffalo wings. We’re offering a takeout service so you can order online and have food delivered to your home, office or wherever you happen to be at the moment when you need a dog.


December 1st - 28th 2014

We are super-excited to be back trading at the groundbreaking Trinity kitchen in Leeds. It’s an amazing concept cooked up by Land securities and street food prophet Richard Johnson. Five traders a month are given a slot in the heart of this large and very posh shopping centre. We’re going to be slinging dogs for 12 hours a day, every day for month, opposite the champagne bar. Sounds dangerous. We’ve put together a purpose-built, exclusive, luxury, stall from which we will be slinging top-end hotdogs at Trinity kitchen on the #festiveshift. It’s taken many hours of painstaking craftsmanship to build the structure and has cost literally tens of pounds. No expense spared then for the good burghers of Leeds. (We wanted to say good doggers, but we weren’t sure it was appropriate.)

We’ve got some great food lined up. The junior-dog (for kids and novices), the big smokey, the super beef and a very special Venison and juniper dog ( working title “ Eat Rudolph”) All will enjoyed over the coming weeks with our home-made relishes and some very spicy sauces. We’ve got our “meat is moyder” dog on for the vegetarians and we’ve even got a “smoked vegan” for plant appreciators. We have proper American ‘tater tots, fries and some cool sodas too. Keep an eye out for specials of the day, evening meal-deals for the romantics among you and anything else we decide to throw out there.

Come and see us at Trinity Kitchen. We guarantee to serve you with a smile and the best hotdog you’ve ever had.



We have just finished a summer run at the fantastic Model Market, run by the unstoppable Street Feast. We served thousands of hotdogs from our “micro-diner” and The people of Lewisham loved us.


We were proud to be part of Everyman Cinema’s Power of Summer collaboration with Street Feast on the banks of the river in front of Battersea Power Station. We served dogs seven days a week all summer, rain or shine (mostly shine) while people watched great movies with this beautiful backdrop.

We built a stall for it with a hatch and some great artwork.

Other stuff we’ve done this year


In August we purchased our New York pushcart. Yes, it’s actually from America. Since the day we had it “dogtowned” it’s been busy at parties and events. We’ve served dogs Fiesta Del Kerb,  trade fairs at olympia a trendy shoe launch, The Redchurch Brewery Taproom in Bethanl green, Broadgate in The city with street dots, a 40th Birthday and a party for a politician! It’s the best thing we’ve ever owned. It can use gas, electricity or work with neither, its portable, versatile and there virtually no place it can't go.


We bought a tired old catering trailer and “Dogtowned” it.

It’s perfect for festivals, big events and pop-ups where more involved catering is needed. We can do breakfast, lunch and dinner for hundreds of people from this baby.


We use our corrugated tin stall indoors for events like trinity kitchen. It looks great in spaces like shooing centres and railway stations, it has a lightbox at the top, a cityscape we painted ourselves and can cater for high-turnover.


Our original way of trading was from a cheap gazebo on the side of the road. We’ve moved on sicnce then and have high-quality, branded 3x3m gazebos that don’t blow away. We still think the gazebo is the best way to interact with people as you are on their level. We’ve had our busiest days ever trading out of these little tents.


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